Compound VINCI NEW Capital

Compound VINCI NEW Capital

Compound VINCI NEW Capital

Compound VINCI NEW Capital

 Our New Project Vinci From Misr Italia has been launched

,in New Capital of Egypt

it’s the second project Vinci New Capital for Misr Italia in new capital

.after Successful Compound Il Bosco

As known for

Misr Italia Developments

: has a great history like

  • Mousa Coast Red Sea Ras Sedr
  • Compound La Nouva Vista New Cairo
  • Kai Sokhna – Misr Italia
  • Kai North Coast Misr Italia
  • Italian Square Compound In 6th Of October
  • And of course last of them the unique one

Il Bosco New Capital

Misr Italia Vinci New Capital

Vinci New Capital

. Vinci is an Italian word means Renaissance or Victory

Located At the heart of The new capital city

On new Capital Main Road

  • Expo City
  • Presidential Palace
  • Massa Hotel
  • (Bank zone( Central Bank
  • Parliament zone
  • Cathedral church
  • In front of British University
  • Olympic Village
  • Vinci New Capital Right in Diplomatic area


.Vinci New Capital Situated Amongest Exclusive Residential districts and connected to the main line of transportation

.The Compound will be Constructing on 110 Acres almost 462 kilo meters In R7 , G4 Piece

Vinci New Capital

Compound VINCI NEW Capital

The project of Vinci New Capital will consist of 70% villas and 25% apartments

.And 5% Branded hotel apartments

 , And the price of meter will start from 10,500 egp. Pounds for Core and Shell

and 14,500 egp. Pounds for Fully finished

.and fully customized by yourself if you wish to

Vinci New Capital

we’re offering an option to choose and customize your own design

By Coordinating with

 our Partner Hany Saad Innovations

Vinci New Capital

A company dating back more than 15 years in 2003

.And works in the field of architecture and decoration in particular

Compound VINCI NEW Capital

Vinci New Capital

Our Iconic Unique Big Villa

:Community center services

  1. Reception lounge with welcome amenities
  2. Outdoor pool
  3. Mini fitness center
  4. Full concierge program
  5. Relaxation lounge
  6. High speed complementary wireless
  7. Daily and monthly newspapers and monthly lifestyle magazine
  • Club House

at Vinci New Capital

  1. Reception lounge with welcome amenities
  2. Spa and beauty salon
  3. Outdoor and indoor pool
  4. Gym / fitness center
  5. Exotic fine dining restaurant
  6. Full concierge program
  7. Relaxation lounge
  8. High speed complementary wireless
  9. Daily and monthly newspapers and monthly lifestyle magazine
  10. Library stocked up with the international best sellers
  11. Main restaurant at Vinci New Capital
  12. Kids club for our little guests
  13. Event venue
  14. Pizza bar
  • (Sport area (part of the club house
  1. Cross fit area
  2. Yoga Area
  3. Boxing area
  4. Tennis courts
  5. Football court

our Partners

Vinci New Capital


The legacy of two of the greatest design practitioners in the world

Known for the power of their ideas, the spirit of culture and the love of people make the world a better place,

The head office is located in Dallas, Texas, USA

CallisonRTKL is one of the largest consulting firms in planning and design in the world.

Vinci New Capital

Design | Engineering

More than 25 years experience in architecture and engineering services

It includes planning, architecture, design and supervision of construction and interior design

For all real estate companies,

At DMA we believe that architectural design is not only to be unique or unique

.But bringing the project to life is more important

Compound VINCI NEW Capital

Vinci New Capital

,Of course you will find everything you wish in the new project of Misr Italia

. As it builds an integrated compound to make the client’s life inside the compound

VINCI in the new capital.. with its Iconic villas, Twin Houses and Town Houses
.Hurry and Register you place now! – Luxury I Boutique I Living

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