Compound Anakaji New Capital

Compound Anakaji New Capital

Compound Anakaji New Capital

Compound Anakaji New Capital

Claim your moment as soon as possilble with “Aqar Masr” in the new release of Anakaji New Capital ,

gathering the Unique of NUBA Spirit and modernity , Aqar Masr basically is an architectural firm coming from

construction background it’s chairman Our owner is Engineer “Maged Migar” and he is one of the successful

engineer , he has a good experience that extent to 25 years He carried out a variety of projects in

(Cairo-North Coast) and he founded the Company on creativity, beauty and the revival of architectural

monuments of ancient Egypt.

Previous Projects:

built 30% of towers in Asiut

built residences units in New Cairo and Heliopolis

built 25 Villa in Marasi Project ( North Coast)

construct walls , entrances and landscapes of Mivida Project New Cairo

construct 23 buildings in Stone Residence compound

Compound Anakaji New Capital

شقق للبيع بأناكاجـي العاصمة الادارية

Details and Facilities of Anakaji New Capital Compound

Club House (Arageed)

Nubian Cultural Center (El Dof)

Underground Parking

Commercial Area strip (El Mastaba)

Restaurants & Cafes


Jogging tracks with 1.2 kilometer (Desyar)




Landscape and water features

2 elevators on building

2 Compound Entrances

 Anakaji New Capital Area and Location

Compound Anakaji New Capital

Located in R8 Administrative Area at New Capital spread on 20 Acres of Magic and Colors specifically in I4 Piece

inspirational from the beauty of ” NUBA” near Diplomatic District, Parliment and front of Green River ,Conference center ,

Anakaji New Capital near more to :

Expo City , Governmental Area , Residential Area , Medical City , Sports City , The Central Park ,

Smart city and International Airport , soon Ministries Headquarters will be on the move like:

Health , Population , Education , Supply , Production of war , presidential palace.

Compound Anakaji New Capital

Compound Anakaji New Capital

Anakaji means My Home that brings warm and motivation to the administrative area at new capital

, simple , joying and comfy , everything you know about beautiful NUBA and its architectural , views will

find it at anakaji with modern touch . Anakaji considered as the best for begining a new life , as we get our

designs from a big consultancy as DMA .

Compound Anakaji New Capital

Compound Anakaji New Capital

Designed as Nubian Way beside his Prime location at new capital that made that project desired ,

 if you are looking for unique home own your special unit where the quietness and nature is ,

Anakaji is an inspiring place to live.

 :For Reservation Please Call


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