Al Maqsad New Capital by City Edge

Al Maqsad New Capital by City Edge

Al Maqsad New Capital by City Edge

Al Maqsad New Capital by City Edge

A new project by City Edge launched it’s first at new capital called Al-Maqsad New Capital Compound .

Huge group companies , It has huge business in the real estate market in Egypt,  group founded

As a company between the new Urban Communities Authority by 60% and the Housing and Construction Bank

Authority by 38 % And the Holding Company for Investment and Development by 2%. The capital of City Edge

Real Estate Development Company is 1.3 Billion pounds budget for the development of residential projects.

the company announced the project after the great success achieved in its projects and the increasing demand for it:

North Edge Towers New Almain City

zahya towers Mansoura new city

Itaba compound in Sheikh Zayed

It is the first project of villas finishing super luxury and immediate receipt. The project is distinguished

by its location within the new capital.

Al Maqsad New Capital by City Edge

Al Maqsad New Capital Area and Location

Located in R3 at New Capital spread on 211 Acres and Land dimensions: 1660* 660 in D4 & D5 Pieces

and right in front of Sports City.

R3 surroundings:

  1. (CBD (Capital Business District
  2. Sports City
  3. International university
  4. Academic City
  5. Canadian University
  6. Smart City

unique points of Al maqsad location:

  • Location have the best accessibility through all main roads in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Al-Maqsad location is located in the most premium & low density zone in City.
  • Al-Maqsad is the only district with villas in all R3.
  • Al-Maqsad location is the nearest to the Airport, Presidential palace
  • Al-Maqsad location is the nearest to the governmental zone.

Al Maqsad New Capital by City Edge

Details and Facilities of Al Maqsad New Capital Compound

Al maqsad Is The first community to be delivered in The New Administrative Capital. a villas project only finishing

super luxury and immediate receipt consisting of townhouse, Twin and independent villa vary in

Spaces and prices as appropriate to the nature of each individual and to suit all tastes and needs with

A lot of services Numerous and distinct within the Compound will be listed for you later.

The purpose of the new administrative capital is to create a modern, state-of-the-art design

With the help of a group of experts and technicians from UDC + 5.

Areas of Al maqsad :

Spaces in the Townhouse start from 370 square meters to 400 square meters

, In Twin Villa from 413 square meters to 424 square meters

, In independent villas of 380 square meters to 570 square meters.

The interior design features two different models and lets you choose from two different designs

Modern style in shape and design at D4 while different from the D5 and take another form in design

Character of the Mediterranean Cities – Mediterranean Style.

Al Maqsad New Capital by City Edge

The project features has a range of unique services:

  • City service Centre (as an extension of the oasis zone)
  • A commercial and service area for each area
  • A mosque for each district
  • Tracks and lanes for bicycles and running
  • Parks and public parks between all units
  • pent House for all types of villas
  • Club House
  • Garage for each building
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Smart home amenities for all units
  • gated community
  • Fiber to home (inside units)
  • Triple play outlet system (inside units)
  • Main roads width: 32 – 16 m

Al Maqsad New Capital compound

Payment Plans :

Down Payment 5% and 10% after 3 months , Equal installments from 3-7 Years

Discount Possibility on Cash only , 2019 Delivery year .

You will find what brings your dreams of owning a luxury villa ,It has all the

features of modern architectural art that keep pace with the spirit of the age and the future.

 :For Reservation Please Call

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